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    Contact 3D laparoscopic surgery This procedure is used not only in simple surgical procedures and the treatment of developmental disorders, but also in the radical surgical treatment of cancer, including prostate cancer, kidney cancer and bladder cancer.

    After the removal of the bladder we perform modern interventions to create different urinary diversions including intestinal bladder, urostoma and rectum-sigma pouch.

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    Urinary incontinence surgery For women, sling and mesh implants and laparoscopic surgical procedures are available depending on the type and severity of incontinence. We also offer anti-incontinence surgery for men, for example, implantation of an artificial sphincter. Andrological microsurgical operations For the treatment of male infertility and impotence we implant penile prostheses.

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    Urethroplasty We perform urethroplasty using oral mucosa for the successful treatment of multiple or recurrent urethral strictures affecting a long section. Pediatric urology - endoscopic and laparoscopic treatment In line with modern urological guidelines, we provide pediatric urological care to prostate cancer treatments 2022 with kidney stones or renal pelvis stenosis.

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    Up-to-date treatment to patients with kidney stones We provide extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy ESWLpercutaneous endoscopic laser lithotripsy and modern flexible ureteroscopy and nephroscopy through the urethra, as well as nephrolithotomy.

    Removal of large renal tumors or tumor thrombi extending to the heart done in cooperation with cardiac surgeons Last update:

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